If you are on a school owned laptop or desktop then the 'All Printers' queue will be an option when you select print but what if your on an iPad or a Sixth Form student bringing their own device;

The simplest option is to email printing@sjb.surrey.sch.uk, with the document or image attached, from your SJB email account as any other email account will be rejected - this is because its added to your print release queue and otherwise it doesn't know who you are.

What can you print?

You are able to attach PDF, pictures, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel. 

How long does it take to process?

Most of the time it will take a minute to process but emails are dealt with one by one and if someone were printing a large image or number of images then your email may be delayed. The same is true if a whole class is printing documents. 

I've sent the email now what?

Login to the printer using your print card (or login details) and the document should be listed for release.