An Apple ID is crucial for downloading apps and other content onto your iPad. 

To download apps onto your school iPad you must use an Apple ID that is not your SJB email address so if you have a personal Apple ID then you could use this or you could create a new Apple ID.

To create an Apple ID:

Step 1: Navigate to "" and click on "Create Your Apple ID" on the white banner at the top

Step 2: Fill out the Create Your Apple ID form and press continue

Step 3: You will be asked for a code sent to your email address and then your phone number, fill these codes out

Step 4: It should then take you to a page displaying your Apple ID details.

Now you need to log in to your new Apple ID on your iPad, to do this;

Step 1: Go to the App Store (See image below)

Step 2: Click on the Profile in the top right-hand corner (See image below)

Step 3: You may be logged into your SJB email address, please log out of this but pressing "Sign Out" (See image below)

Step 4: There will then be prompt to log in, fill in the username and password