Privacy Checkup guides you through some of your privacy and security settings, so you can review your choices to help make sure that you’re sharing with who you want.

To go to Privacy Checkup:

New Facebook

  1. Clickin the top right.
  2. Click Settings & Privacy > Privacy Checkup.

Classic Facebook

  1. Click at the top of any page on Facebook (example: your homepage).
  2. Select Privacy Checkup.

Things you can review in Privacy Checkup:

  • Who can see what you share. This section guides you through things like:
    • Choosing who can see certain information on your profile, like your phone number, email, birthday and relationship status.
    • Updating who can see your future and past posts.
    • Reviewing who you’ve blocked on Facebook. For example, you can add people to your blocked list. Learn more about what happens when you block someone on Facebook.
  • How to keep your account secure. This section will guide you through things like:
    • Updating your password. Learn more about creating a strong password.
    • Turning on alerts to help let you know if someone logs into your account from a place we don’t recognize.
  • How people can find you on Facebook. This section lets you choose who can:
    • Send you friend requests.
    • Look you up on Facebook by your phone number or email address.
  • Your data settings on Facebook. This section lets you review and remove recently used apps and websites from other companies that you’ve used Facebook to log into.

Note: Privacy Checkup isn't available everywhere right now. For example, Privacy Checkup may not be available on certain devices.

Other ways to manage your privacy:

Learn more about how to control who can see what you share. From here, you can learn how to: