Compressing Powerpoint

Mac: Navigate to the PowerPoint in Finder, Control click/right click the file then select Compress

Compress PowerPoint Media

  1. Open the presentation that contains the audio or video files.

  2. On the File tab, select Info, and then in the Multimedia section, select Compress Media*.

    * Embedded subtitles and alternate audio tracks are lost in this compression process.

    Click Compress Media

  3. To specify the quality of the video, which in turn, determines the size of the video, select one of the following:

    • Full HD (1080p)     Save space while maintaining overall audio and video quality.

    • HD (720p)     Quality will be comparable to media which is streamed over the Internet.

    • Standard (480p)     Use when space is limited, such as when you are sending presentations via e-mail.

      Media compression is in progress

Compressing images in Powerpoint.

To compress an image in PowerPoint, select the image you want to compress then:

  1. Navigate to the Pictures Tools Format tab
  2. Select Compress Pictures
  3. Choose your Compression options (Beware of unchecking Apply only to this picture)
  4. Choose your Resolution
  5. Hit OK

Compressing a video with VLC

  1. Go to Menu and click on Media > Convert/save and select the video you need clicking on Add > Convert/Save when you were done.
  2. Select the type of profile you want to convert the video.
  3. Start VLC video compression, selecting the Start button.