On Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) you will need to install the web filtering certificate to gain access to the internet in school. The following link takes you to the certificate where you can download it. Click on the link and select which operating system you are using and the instructions on how to install the certificate will appear.



Why do I need to install a certificate?

There has been a push to get all websites to start using SSL encryption. This is great for consumer privacy but not so good for web filtering. We can see that you've visited a URL without the certificate but we can't see what you've done while you were there.

What if I don't install the certificate?

We can not insist that you install the certificate but without it a number of websites and services will refuse to work because you can not tell a app on your phone or tablet to ignore a bad certificate. You also will not be able to access any search engines etc...

What does the certificate do when I'm not connected to the school network?

In short nothing. 

Do I have to remove it when I leave the school?

It existing on your device shouldn't cause you any issues. If you were to leave it on the device it shouldn't cause any issues.