Restoring items deleted from one of the network drives is made a lot easier with 'previous versions'. 

This feature is available to all users as long as you have permission to view the files and folders. 

Locating the deleted file

  1. From within Windows Explorer right-click the folder that should contain the missing work. 

  2. Select Properties

  3. Open the 'Previous Versions' tab.
    You will see that the drive is snapshotted 3 times a day (9am, 12noon & 3pm)

  4. Either double click on one of the folder versions or select the folder and click 'Open'. This will open another Windows Explorer window with the files listed at the selected snapshot. As you can see from the screenshots below the only way to tell the difference is in the address bar.

    The top address bar is showing the previous version and the lower is the live version.

  5. Once you've located the required file(s) or folder(s) you can copy and paste them back into the 'live version'.

How far you can go back depends on the amount of files changed on a particular shared drive if you can't locate the file data is also backed up separately to this.